Michael Weipert, Head of Education Dept

Michael has over 40 years experience in the music business, having worked both as a teacher, manager and professional performer. He has worked with musicians and groups as diverse as the National Youth Jazz Orchestra, Fishburn Brass Band, with jazz legend, composer and Count Basie Band soloist Thad Jones and unique singing talents such as Shirley Bassey and many other top rank performers. His teaching has helped develop the skills of some of today’s leading instrumentalists’; however the essence of his music and teaching philosophy is .... ‘music is fun and for everyone.’

Michael has bundles of experience and knowledge to call upon to provide an excellent experience for young people in the community to engage in. This initial project will not only help develop the work of Starmarkerz but of Michael Weipert. The Project will enable Michael to engage with his musical skills and talents and provide a fun and safe environment to help other do so too.

Project planning teaching and organisational biography

During his time as a teacher for Newcastle LEA Michael had special responsibility for developing suitable project initiatives for the music service. During this time Michael developed and initiated an innovative group teaching programme of study for instrumental music teachers. The interactive pupil contribution and commitment to learning a music instrument was codified into an effective progressive method which enhanced the learning process and at the same time was both time and cost effective. The use of these teachings innovations in instrumental music was highly commended by OFSTED.

Michael planned, developed and organised and managed an independent music service for the City of Newcastle securing funding from the LEA and business sponsorship which was used to fund all business start up costs which ensured there was a seamless transition from the previous council funded service. The service grew out of the existing music service and was developed when funding was rescinded by the LEA. the new service began trading in September 1995. A budget of in excess of £500,000 was effectively and efficiently managed by Michael and all appropriate administration systems were designed to meet the requirements of the organisation.